Gambling and the Sexes

It used to be that gambling was a man’s domain. Rarely do women venture into a world of loud-mouthed and swearing male gamblers. When women do get involved in gambling, it was not as players, but as companions of male gamblers when they go to the casinos and card rooms.

Nowadays, the times have changed and women are now increasingly seen as both potential and active gamblers. This is good news for many, as the casinos and Internet gambling sites can look at the female population as a lucrative market for their products and services.

Women’s venture into gambling is also seen as a positive sign for a gender that used to be subjected to discrimination and prejudice in the past. It is a sign that women are becoming more confident with themselves and are aiming for equality with their male counterparts.

Although the gambling world is fast becoming a genderless arena, there are still some differences between the two sexes when it comes to their motivation in gambling. Women are more likely to gamble for fun and entertainment while men tend to gamble for money and profit.

Male gamblers use hard thinking, logic, analytical skills and reasoning when they play and gamble. Men prefer games of skill like poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps and backgammon, where the outcome can be influenced through strategies and techniques.

Men usually don’t treat gambling as a hobby or pastime, but as a serious, money-making profession. Because of this attitude, male gamblers are more concerned with making money from gambling rather than having fun.

Women, on the other hand, usually don’t care about winning money. For them, having fun in gambling is more important than making a profit. For this reason, games of luck like slots, roulette, bingo and keno are more popular with the female population.

Women by nature are sensitive and intuitive, so they rely on gut feeling and foresight rather than logic. They don’t care much about gambling systems or strategies because for them, luck is all that matters in the long run.

Most of these women gamblers are career women who spend most of their waking time at work or housewives who clean the house and take care of the family all day long. They play and gamble in their free time to relax from work and to break the monotony of household routines.

As casual gamblers, women are less inclined to become addicted to gambling. Women also are more capable of staying within their gambling limits in their time and expenses.

The invasion of female gamblers is a good sign not only for the gambling industry but also to the mentality and attitudes of the gambling population. They have shown that gender doesn’t matter in the pursuit of fun and fortune in gambling, and that they can also teach men a thing or two about how to gamble responsibly.

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