Toss Away Stress And Gamble!

Contrary to what many people think, gambling is really a way to lower ones stress in life. When a person gambles, one doesnt usually have a proverbial “gun to their head” when they throw the dice or place a bet. All gamblers willingly and almost gleefully make their bets.

To many psychiatrists, the things that cause stress in life are those things that people have a disdain or avoidance of doing. Some people might find throwing out the trash a stressful thins while some people might find cutting or mowing the grass relaxing and use it as time away from work tobe withtheir families or to simply blow off some steam. What may be good for a persons stress index may be different from others. Tkae the case of a diabetic person who tries to enjoy the sweet foods in life. Certainly an ice cream or a slice of black forest cake is tempting but ultimately bad for health. This triggers a stress bomb to go off in people. To a casual person who does not have diabetes, eating as much sugar laden foods is perfectly ok and may even serve as pleasurable and relax the person. The same goes for gambling.

While people that have been raised in a non-gambling environment and perhaps they may have had their bringing up to view gambling as a vice would certainly cause duress to a person. Whereas a person who has an open view of the world and the things that go in it may see gambling as a way to gain some fun cash or may not have any views on it at all.

Certainly for some, gambling is enjoyable and this may have a sedative effect on the person. Like adrenaline is released into the bdy when there is a rush coming, the same goes for gambling. People who would want to avoid costly hospital bills and would want an alternative way of living may consider gambling as a choice that they would be quick to make.

Gambling may wel be the next best “natural” alternative to accupuncture or any other way of therapy and is certainly a bit more enticing than going to a group session and talk it out.

The botom line is that many people may have mixed views on using gambling as an alternative to fight stress but in todays world, many things are discovered day by day and when one gets to think about it, if something is fun and one has a lot of enjoyment while doing it then, by all means gamble!

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